ON AUGUST 19, 2003 AT 8:43 AM


“The little one asks Me, ‘Are You going to speak?’ I smile at this, because she is ever ready to accommodate What I Will for the sake of Souls Who will be helped, aided, encouraged by All, What is said by Me and put into print, for the ones in whom the Souls depend upon, through their obedience to My Will, My Love for human life.

Needless to say, I could speak endlessly, repetitively, but the little one’s physical can only handle what I decide her strength to be.

I have given to the world such a Personal Miracle, constantly repetitive of how close I am to all of human life.  Granted, when I speak through one small voice there is not a large presence of human beings, but I depend upon My Words that are to be written, put into script, to be sent to all who cannot be present when I speak openly for just a few to hear What I say and want others to understand — the importance of the human will and way.

Throughout the world there are millions of men, women and children who beseech Me to help them, to cure them, and to give them the strength to endure all that they need mentally, physically, morally.  I hear their prayers, their requests, their conversations and their pleading.  I answer them in ways through their will, and how they actively use their wills for the very things they are pleading help for, but so often they expect Miracles instead of using their Gifts of choice, understanding, and moral practices that are the basic functional reasonabilities, logical mentally, physically, morally, spiritually.

I love this Creation of Mine because I am a Portion of it.  No individual is created without a Soul.  That Portion of them is what gives them strength to do many things physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually.

I will close My Words now at this time, but I am ever present to the mentality, the will of every human being.  I beseech you, remember this.

As you have a Portion of Me within you, remember, I put That Portion within you for a very special reason, and that was and is to instill in you, you are not alone; I am always with you.”

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