ON AUGUST 25, 2003 AT 11:50 AM


“My Gift of Divine Love is for all of human life, but you live in a time wherein there is much disbelief and also inconsiderateness on All I Am, and All that is important to human life for a Future for the Souls of human life.

So many individuals at this time are walking two or three paths of human life, none of them in real concern, understanding or justification regarding their Souls that will one day be Judged by Who I Am.

Throughout the world, many different degrees of intellect, of Spiritual understanding, and of course, of human practices, are resisting, rejecting, and in many ways avoiding the Importance of My Divine Plan for human Souls, or I should say, the Souls of human beings that I want returned to Me at a given time.

Indifference does not justify one’s right or wrong.  Indifference only weakens the situation, the conditions, or the rational ability to discern.

Children are not being instructed on the importance of The Commandments that were given a long time ago; also, the Importance of their Soul that is a Portion of Me.  So much humanism is omitting the basics of morality, and of the Goal for which the Soul desires to reach.

I hear so many say: ‘How can I have a Soul?  Would I not see It, feel It, or be able to talk to It?’

Irregardless of how you determine your association with your Soul, your sensitivity to what is moral over what is immoral, what is just over what is unjust, what is pure over what is impure, also what loyalty is to disloyalty, is prevalent in every human being, even when they disregard their sensitivity to these things.

You do live in a time, and it is sad for Me to say, where there is so much irregularity in the logical concepts of the practices of human life.  Basically, so much of what is chosen to accept could be termed ‘heresy’, ‘heretical’, ‘unjust’, and ‘mere superstition’, and also ‘ridiculous’ in content, and what it stands for, what it contains.

Let Me speak a few Words on prayers:  How many prayers are spoken with respect, with dignity, and with a deep understanding that the human mentality is speaking to the Soul of a Saint?  How many individuals sincerely feel that Sainthood should be honored with dignity, trust, also with respect?

Let Me put it another way:  If Sainthood was not the Goal for the Souls of human life, would it not be ridiculous to be given The Commandments and all the prayers that are dedicated to so many subjects, allowing so many individuals to understand that the Souls of individuals who lived on the earth were granted the privilege of being called ‘a Saint’?

Thousands and thousands of children, and thousands and thousands of adults never say a prayer.  They just use their daily way of life and how they sense things to be, commonly using the term, ‘Well, that’s life.’

Human life is what you decide it to be, morally active, morally secure, depending upon The Creator of All Things, communicating with The Creator, asking for help for the Soul that you bear.

Needless to say, I have only touched on the surface on the Importance of human life.  There are thousands and thousands and thousands of human beings, right at this moment, who are active, sinning against every Commandment.  Also, the young are not being instructed that they have Guidelines to live by, because of the Purpose for which they were created.

Needless to say, I could use this small voice twenty-four hours every day with no stops, because of My Concern, because of My Desire for This Gift I have given to the world to awaken the mentalities of millions and millions and millions of human beings, to be reminded, and to begin to realize that within them they have a Portion of Me, called ‘the Soul’.  This word should not complicate anything, because so many use the word in a common form, emphasizing their closeness to others by saying out loud, ‘We are soul mates.’

I could speak endlessly, but the human mentality of those who will read These Words must understand that to be created in the human way is a Gift of Divine Plan, and in this Gift, a Greater Gift is instilled.  It is called ‘the Soul’.”

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