ON AUGUST 25, 2003 AT 12:54 PM


“There are Many of Us present and We are All smiling, because All of Us want to say Words to assure those who write the Words and who will read the Words, that human life is Very Important, and everything a human being partakes in verbally, silently, or as the leader of some project, some circumstance, or some idea that will give strength, hope, and a greater understanding of The Father’s Love for human life, and The Father’s Desire for the Souls that are Portions of Him, that every human being has when they are conceived.

Today as I speak, there are thousands of Words that I would love to say out loud and have Them put in print, due to the fact that those who are yet in the human way hear about the Goal for the Soul they are gifted with, but they do not fully understand the magnitude of the privilege The Father gives to mankind, making them a human being, but also the Goal that awaits the Soul at another time.

Children are not being instructed on what a Precious Gift human life is.  It is taken for granted that each day that they face is a day for them to do as they please, and to accept what they will, will please them.

There is very little instruction to the young that the very basic idea that human life is gifted with a Goal, causes the mentality of every human being born, or I should say created, will innately seek goals in life, seek progress, seek success.  It is all based on the Foundation of the Soul, not just the mentality as it is considered to be.

As I close My Words, it is a privilege for All of Us Here in the Heavens to be allowed to speak Words that ordinarily would not be put into script, because when the desire to write stories in the human way, the basics for the story or stories are usually what an individual has learned about, or some adventure they would like to discuss, giving enjoyment mentally to others.

I assure you, All that is delivered through This Gift of Divine Love is to give you who read the Words and who will share the Words with others, the basic logic instilled into human life is special, and of course, the Goal is obvious because, do not forget, sometimes all some individuals have in life is to reach goals materialistically or financially; of course, there are other goals — popularity is one of the highest rated.

So as I close My Words, hopefully all who read These Words at some time, will automatically make their Goal ‘Sainthood for their Soul’.”

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