ON AUGUST 27, 2003 AT 12:00 PM


“There are Several of Us present, because the little one We All use is close to physical collapse.

The Father, in His Love for human life and His Desire for Souls to be returned to Him is of the Greatest Importance, necessary for millions of individuals to read All that We speak to alert them to the Importance of their Souls; of course, The Father’s Will for all Souls to be returned to Him, Saints.

We speak differently today, because there are so Many of Us present at this time.  We gather around this little one, giving her the strength to be able to speak the Words that will give strength, hope, more understanding to hopefully millions of human beings, not just where you live, but throughout the world.

Humanism is natural to human life, but due to the fact that human beings are instilled with the desire for success, for progress, and also for advancement in their way of life, there should be no doubt that there is a Goal Greater for them to not just seek, but one day be a Part of, and be called ‘a Saint’.

Right at this moment, if I were to ask one thousand individuals what they would want to be successful at, in, for, and I allowed their answers to be heard, it would be shocking, because most of the answers would be favorable to monetary measures, or physical acclaim.

Sainthood is rarely instructed by those who are so-called ‘ministers of the Faith’.  Humanism is more evident in what they speak about.  If humanism is the highest goal to be remembered for, would it not be sad, because humanism has many weaknesses, and is only flesh and blood, ignoring the Soul that is a Portion of The Creator of All Things, that will remain for all time to be.

The length of time is The Creator’s Time.  When human beings time themselves by what is so-called ‘a clock’, it is limited in many ways; but, when an individual seeks timing to become ‘a Saint’, and works in every area of life to arrive at this successful Goal, it is a Promise that this Goal is a Goal Forever, with no limited time on It, or in It.

There are many roads, paths to Sainthood, more roads than there are in human success in any field.  Sainthood is guided and guarded by The Divine, not just encouraged to follow a fine line.

Through This Gift of Divine Love, wherein so much is instructed in a very logical degree of understanding for all ages, all backgrounds of human beings, it is important for them to be reminded that the Goal they are created for is a Gift of Divine Plan, because of The Creator’s Love for human man.

The abilities that have been and still are being instilled into the mentalities of human beings, is far deeper, far greater, more logical, because human life is gifted in more ways than anything else created is the recipient of.

When My Son walked the earth, He walked it for the benefit of human beings, openly showing them that personalities, natures, and different degrees of kindness would always remain in human life, because of the generosity instilled in human life, the energy, the courage, the understanding, the abilities, and the desire to reach successfully, a goal.  Granted, the Goal for the Soul is Greater than any goal that a human being can understand It to be, but It is the Highest Goal that a human being should desire to reach.

As I close My Words, I would like to add a Personal Note, so all who read the Words that have been spoken will read Them, understand Them, and draw from Them My Love for human life, My Willingness to share with human life a Portion of Me, called ‘a Soul’.”

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