ON AUGUST 28, 2003 AT 11:47 AM


“There are Many Saints present.  I, your Father, allow this to be.

It is difficult for many men, women and children to believe that I would speak openly and request My Words to be put into print for others to read.

The little one I use is constantly aware of whether I am openly present for her to hear What I Will her to say, or just My Presence at different times, letting her know to not forget to listen if I Will Words to be spoken from The Divine.

I hold her tightly on this day.  By the word ‘tightly’, I mean more physical strength than I use at other times, because her physical is spent, due to so many Responsibilities that are never seen, heard or noticed, even though they are occurring in the sight of others with her, close to her, around her.

I hear many individuals say that I would not speak in the way the Words delivered have to say.  I assure you, no measure or degree of human life knows Me this well, or is totally aware of how I would use My Will, My Way, My Presence.

She listens for My Words continuously, but she does not hear It physically.  I instill in her What I Will her to know, or to repeat.  This is logical, because as I am The Creator of All Things, I am aware of the Importance of My Presence to all of human life every moment of every day, in every way.

I have Blessed the world many times.  I am blessing human life through My delivering Words understandable, and also, allowing so Many Saints Here in the Heavens to speak Words of hope, direction, consolation, and situations for them to learn more about, giving them strength to more fully understand what a Close Presence I am to human life every moment of day and night.

My next Words are on a subject important for the Souls of millions of human beings, because it is detrimental in many degrees; and the word is ‘hypocrisy’ in how people think, speak, practice and express love spiritually and morally in their manner of life.

Throughout the world there is much immorality that is justified because of human gender in life.  Excuses are multiple in number and ridiculous in fact.

I use a small voice for many reasons.  It is because a small voice oftentimes acquires, not requires, more attention.

I have Blessed human life since the time I created it.  I have allowed the wills of human beings the respect to be able to think and to act physically, mentally, morally.  I have given the intellect to learn more about so many things that I have created, giving to human life the advantages of learning how much there is for them to see and to think about as avenues of using their talents, their abilities, their wills, eliminating that human life would be a clone only to do as I Will it to do.  This would be a sadness to Me, because in giving to human life abilities multiple in number, I have given them the opportunity to use many areas of life that will give them the foundation for Sainthood.  This should be understood easily.  When there is a need for help on many multiple issues, it is rational to pray to a Saint for help.

What I could speak at this time, alerting human beings of all ages to be aware of what a Gift human life is, it is not just something to please Me, but it is a sharing of many things I Am, and to give to life the energy, the hope, the understanding, the abilities to use human life to not just support Me, but be aware of the importance of usefulness in the human way, and of course, in The Divine Way.

As I close My Words at this time, many who read Them might be shocked, but hopefully it will awaken them to My In-depth Caring of My Creation of human life.”

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