ON SEPTEMBER 1, 2003 AT 12:00 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  I am asking you at this time, to take Words and put Them in print because of the importance of Them for the sake of Souls, perhaps millions of human beings.  When I request the little one to speak on subject matter that is not commonly spoken, she is ever obedient.

You walk in a time wherein there is so much disfiguration of what is normal to the human mind.  In My Creation of human life, I instilled in it sensitivities to give each human being strength to understand and to be able to regard My Way as Important to their life span.

I use a small voice, a small body, but an obedient mind, because there is so much I Will human life to know at this time, due to the fact that throughout the whole universe there is much resistance to what is morally sound, rational, or pleasing to Me, thus wanting the Souls of millions of human beings to not be returned to Me in the way that I can promote Them, because of My Love for what I have created My Way.

When human beings become ill, many find it a tragedy and are fearful for what it can reveal to them or take from them.

My Love for human life is to strengthen the mentalities, and to give hope that there is a Future, a Goal to return to Me, because within each human being there is a Portion of Me.  It is described by a very small word, ‘the Soul’.

Through This Gift in which I take Part, it is because of the importance of All that is spoken by Many Saints Here in the Heavens.  They All want to participate in This Gift of My Divine Love, because They know what Heaven is like.

Though I speak only this way through one small voice, those who believe in Me, who love Me, are the ones I am depending on to spread My Presence at this time.

I have walked on the earth times before this, but this time is Special, because It is instilling what other times did not instill.  It is also encouraging to all backgrounds of human beings to remember that they have a Portion of Me within them, no matter what background they can relate to physically.

I smile when I say My next Words.  I love this little one I use, and through her obedience and her love for Me, thousands of Souls will be given the opportunity to more indepthly understand there is a Heaven, I Am Real, and that All Souls are Part of Me.”

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