ON SEPTEMBER 2, 2003 AT 12:56 PM


There are Three of Them here:  Saint Aloysius, Saint John of The Cross, and Saint John Vianney.

“Our time today is of great importance as all times that Someone from Here speaks.

Human life is gifted in many degrees, forms, giving to it advantages, understanding, and abilities to conquer many wrongs.  The mentality of a human being is oftentimes based on the individual’s likes or dislikes, or a lack of desire to want to share what they think, they feel, they care about, or they understand.

What I have just spoken, in many ways complicates human life, does it not?

Throughout the world there are multi-millions in number of human beings, all with certain degrees of speech, certain degrees of mentalities, certain degrees of patience, and a certain degree of moral understanding regarding how they live, what they think, and how they desire to think as a human being.  Needless to say, this is a very short description, or an analyzation of human life.

As The Father has given to the world a Gift of Divine Love, allowing so Many Saints in the Heavens to speak on subjects that those who read the Words will gain much from, if they read the Words in the correct manner in which They were put into script.

Human life is gifted with the ability to associate with other human beings; also, to be able to learn subjects that give them an importance in their way of life.

Children are not always instructed in how to cope with all they are capable of handling or understanding, because the words are, ‘They are too young to know,’ but when a child is slapped on the hand because of something the child did, the child knows that there is such a thing as ‘anger’ and also ‘control’.

My Words I know are different today, but so many individuals, when they know a Saint is speaking or One of The Holy Trinity is delivering Words, oftentimes the individuals begin to think ahead on what will be said, the subject matter, what It will cover, expecting many times a Lesson beyond what the human mind is capable of.

Let us go back two thousand years or more.  The learning process at that time was based on where the people were born, and what advantages they were exposed to; also, the degree of knowledge that they were able to comprehend or become part of, participate in, so they could grow to a higher standard of understanding or living.

So often the past is seen in a greater glory of understanding than the future.  This, of course, depends upon how an individual lives, what their background is, and the progress they are surrounded with that is far above what was talked about a long time ago.

I know I speak differently, but I have spoken These Words purposely.

The world has been Blessed by a Gift of Divine Love that in full essence of Its Desire to give to those who are now living, a greater understanding of the Purpose of human life and its Goal, but also the necessity for decency, honesty, self-control, and definitely purity morally, because of the Soul.

I will close My Words because there is so much more I would like to add to this, due to the fact that though you live in what is called ‘modern times’, human beings have not based their lives on The Commandments that were given a long time ago, or the purity that was necessary mentally, physically, morally, sensually, spoken about so much in Spiritual words regarding the importance of these things.

As I close My Words, I know some who will read Them will say, ‘I don’t understand.’ Others will have different opinions, but hopefully It will increase in many the availability there is for the Goal The Father Wills All Souls to reach, and that is to be returned to Him and have the privilege to be ‘a Saint’.”

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