ON SEPTEMBER 6, 2003 AT 10:40 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  Yes, there are Many Others present Here with Me at this time, because All The Saints want those who are yet in the state of human life to not just desire Sainthood, but to strive for It through their manner of living, and how they practice their moral actions, attitudes, and example to others.

Many men, women and children despise the word ‘morality’ because they feel it puts pressure on how they live the human way, thus ignoring that the word should give them strength, direction, hope, and assurance that they are obeying The Commandments delivered for the Ground Rules of all of human life to follow.  Without Sound Direction such as This, These are, human lives would have nothing to guide them and to help them realize that the human way of living, without a Goal, would cause human beings to be in the same category of many other things.

Today as I speak, it is to awaken the human mentalities to realize and to see the importance of how they think, how they speak, and what example they are to all other human beings.

This Gift of My Divine Love that has allowed, and is allowing so much to be understood, giving to human beings a more in-depth logical understanding, that the future for living has a Goal for a Future to continue living for their Soul.

I could speak hours continuously on this subject that is of such great importance for human beings of all ages to be instructed on, due to the fact that very little is understood regarding the Importance of That Portion of human life that is a Portion of Me, that I want returned to Me at a given time.  Would it not be sad to not have something to look forward to?  Would it not diminish human life to a flower or a piece of wood?

I speak so plainly through This Gift of My Divine Love, because of My Love for this Creation of Mine.  If this creation was not of Great Importance to Me, ask yourself, would I have put into it a Soul that is to be returned to Me, representing the one I chose to live a human life, learning all physical matters and degrees of mental understanding, and with the free will to choose, to make choices, if human life was not Important to Me?  Remember, I am within each human life to give it the strength to endure, and the ability to know, and the love to remember it has a Goal for the Soul.”

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