ON SEPTEMBER 8, 2003 AT 12:04 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  All things that I have created were done for a purpose, but also had much reasoning in what they were available for, how they would be available to the future of human life, when it would be created, to have the foundation for many things to be accomplished, to be used, and to be understood for the reasonability of their existence.

There is so much I would like to speak about, enlightening human life of all degrees of intelligence to the importance of what they exist in, that has in many ways an effect on their lives.

The Creation of human life was and is Special to Me, because I have instilled in it Gifts that nothing else created is the recipient of.  The Most Important Thing is a Portion of Myself, called ‘the Soul’.  Without the Soul, human life would not have that closeness to Me that at some time will be returned to Me, be with Me Forever and ever and ever.

In the design of human life, My Will was to make it above and beyond what anything else created would contain, because as I designed human life, I instilled in it many facets of human life that would resemble an acceptable vision and aid, to help human life understand that in My Design, I placed certain facets that would give to human life an obvious appearance, plus abilities that nothing else created would have.

Though the Soul in each human life is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, It is Greater than anything created, because the Soul, as a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, is What will remain of human beings after they no longer exist in the human way.

The number of years counted by human beings that separate My Existence to the time I began to create human life, is never really spoken about, because when I decided to begin to create human life, it was for many reasons.  My Divine Love was the Foundation for this, and still is.

No human being has the ability to understand What I Am, Who I Am, or All that I Am, but since the Creation of human life, I have allowed human life the privilege of a Special Entity of My Divine Love, giving it a Purpose, giving it an intellect, and giving it goals to reach, thus allowing the Goal for the Soul not to be something new to the mentalities of human life, but a Logical Gift of My Divine Love.

I bless those who use prayers with dignity, honor, because in this communication with Me, or Any of Those Who have become Saints, it is an ideal communicative association, giving strength, a deeper understanding, and a strong will to accomplish, to become ‘a Saint’.”

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