ON SEPTEMBER 9, 2003 AT 12:00 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

This time that you live in, is a Time I have chosen to instill in all of human lives My Divine Love, My Divine Will, and how I feel about many areas of life that are dangerous to the Souls of those who partake in what can be impure, unjust, and basically vile to the Soul, attacking Its Purity and Its way of participation in things difficult for It to handle because of the foulness, degradation the Soul is aware of being used as, used for, used in.

I have given to the world a Blessing, one small voice; also, requesting Many of The Saints Here in the Heavens to join Me in instructing all ages of human life, the value of being born a human being, but also the Importance of the Goal that awaits human life, perhaps not the body, but definitely the Soul.

The children are wandering the streets in all places, being abused, abducted, and instructed impurely.  Too little, or I should say, nothing is being corrected here.

As I speak through This Gift of My Divine Love, I speak with a firmness because of the Importance of the Souls that are the victims of what every man, woman and child bears from the moment of conception until the last breath is taken.

Needless to say, I have chosen a small one to repeat What I Will all ages, all sizes of human lives, all backgrounds, all degrees of intellects, to more fully understand that This Time in the life of human beings is a life gifted with My Being Present so much, and relaying so much that I Will human beings to understand as important, to be for that creation they are, a human life, able to speak, to act, to see, and to follow what is morally correct for the Soul that is within them, that is a Portion of Me, Who I Am, What I Am.

As I close My Words, I do it because if I were to speak as long as I am capable of speaking, no human being could keep the Words flowing.”

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