ON SEPTEMBER 9, 2003 AT 3:30 PM


“I have given to the world a Blessing that gives Strength, physical and mental; Hope that is sound, advisable, and gives courage, plus Strength to all who come in contact with It.

I have given time to those born in the physical way to utilize all that is instilled in them, physically, mentally, morally, psychologically; also, I have given them hope to achieve goals that would give to them physical and mental opportunities to address and accomplish greater measures of abilities.

To human life I have shared the creation of human life, by the ability to give birth to other human beings, thus in one way working with Me to achieve growth in human lives that nothing else is capable of doing.

Human life has many Gifts mentally, morally, physiologically, and through the physical strengths of many portions of how they were designed.  The heart of human life is a Gift greater than it is known to be, because within it, it is the obvious fact that human life exists because of the beat that is consistent with all other facts of human life.

I have surrounded human life with many things, abilities beyond what anything else created is capable of.  The mentalities are unlimited, and are guarded and guided by My Divine Love.  The beat of the heart is more than it appears to be.  It verifies life in a living way, thus verifying all the other Gifts that are active consistently.

The human mentality, with all that it knows, understands and practices, oftentimes omits all the Gifts that, combined, give to human life superiority in a living form I designed to be.

Each portion of human life has a purpose, but also it contains a union with all other human lives created, because of the abilities to understand major issues that in many ways allow progress physically, mentally, morally, psychologically and spiritually.

My Gift of human life is far greater than it is perceived to be.  So much is taken for granted, but this is natural to the human mentality.

I have come to the world at This Time for many reasons, not just for human life to get acquainted with Me, but for Me to be able to engage with human abilities the Importance of what each one stands for and Its Importance in the life, in the one It is placed in a manner unseen.

I have Blessed so many through many years of doing what I have just spoken.  It is important that human beings of all ages begin to see what they are and have, are Gifts in My Design of human life, to give more to it than other things created.

I have Blessed so many men, women and children through This Time that I have spent speaking through this little one.  So much must be seen for It being a Gift of Divine Love, to be able to have all I have placed within human life, and it is to be used in a degree and a manner and a way, aiding all the other factors in human life, never disgracing one Blessing, one Gift that pays honor to the life of being a human being.

Dignity must be seen.  Human life was created for many things that were to be recognized with dignity, honor.  Why else would I have put Myself upon the earth, if it was any other thing?  I put a Portion of Myself, called ‘My Son’.  It was to forever be respected and seen as a Gift of Divine Love, to encourage all human life to realize that human life was created by Me, to be recognized in dignity for the Purpose for which it was created, and that was and is because I Willed this creation to be Special, to be dignified, to be knowledgeable, and to be superior in fully understanding it was created to be returned to Me in Glory and Thanksgiving.”

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