ON SEPTEMBER 13, 2003 AT 10:40 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  My Personal Words to and through this little one I use are oftentimes a great sadness to her, because she understands that there are so many who supposedly ignore Who I Am, What I Am, but ignore My Presence most of the time.

Within each human life, I instill a Gift of My Divine Love.  It is called ‘the Soul’.  Without this Gift, human life would be void of so many talents, abilities, understanding.

The mentality is a Gift of My Divine Love, because it is a necessary factor for human beings to understand the importance of all that occurs around them, within them, for them, by them.

The intellect is different in each human life.  This is according to how they personally adjust, accept, or make it a point to learn different subjects, allowing them to personally commit outwardly or inwardly, to fulfilling what is to be done, or what has been requested to be accomplished.

In the beginning of the Creation of human life, I used many Gifts to help the mentalities to be able to understand different factors they would be approached with, by, for, and the reasonability of these situations that would give them more understanding of all that had to be learned because of what they would use to live a more formal, or a more practical, or a more feasible manner of doing things that would lead them to a higher understanding of the value that was obviously present, that would aid them to a higher degree of using the advancement of learning.

I speak differently today, because throughout the world there is a need for more understanding of how I want all of human life to see the value of human life, and that within it there is a Portion of Me, always ready to strengthen them to accomplish what is morally sound, real, and compatible to helping them further their understanding on many things.

Since the beginning of the first Creation of human life, I have allowed so much to be learned, giving to human life a greater understanding of the Importance of human life, and that within it there is a Portion of Me.

I could speak endlessly on this subject, but I have spoken today to hopefully awaken the mentalities of certain individuals to more fully understand that birth of a human life has a Goal based in Divine Plan, giving to each birth, boy or girl, a Soul that is to be returned to Me at a given time.  This Gift alone is a continuous Gift of My Divine Love to each human being born.

I plead with all men, women and children, the Soul is the recipient of all you do, you think, you speak, you practice, but also, it is that Gift that you use through your lifetime that will be Judged by Me, because It will be returned to Me in the ‘state’ you caused It to be.  I plead with you:  remember this.”

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