ON SEPTEMBER 23, 2003 AT 12:38 PM


“I come on this day with The Father’s Permission, because of the Importance of This Gift of His Divine Love, in which so Many of Us Saints are aware of every moment, every day.

This Gift is different than Many, than Most that have ever been given by The Father.  This Gift is to enlighten the mentalities of millions of human beings, plus encouraging these same people and more, to fully understand that to walk the human road as a human being is a Great Blessing from Divine Plan.

The Creation of human life passed through stages, wherein the time gave so much more opportunity for so much to be instructed, discussed and more readily understood, connecting Those Who became ‘Saints’ with those who yet walk in the way of life, able to hear, able to speak, able to understand, and able to see the Value of, the Importance of human life in comparison to all other living matter or things.

This Gift of The Father’s Love is a Gift beyond what the human mentality perceives It to be.  Oh, granted, many believe; then there are many who are interested, but do not value the Gift in What they receive.  Children could be taught an immense amount of knowledge by hearing Stories in how The Creator of All Things uses ‘individuals’, through The Saints, and many times Himself, making learning about what human life is created for, and has the Purpose and the Goal to reach.

I speak differently today, but so much has been delivered that has not passed into the amount of individuals that need What is spoken, put into print, giving individuals the capability to remember Facts of great importance, and also, each human life’s Association with The Divine.  If it were not this way, human life would be like all other things created, void of a close Association that nothing else has.

If you take the time and you think about the privilege it is as a human being to be able to say words that are called ‘a prayer’, directing it to the One to Whom you are praying, that alone tells you that you are speaking to Another Realm of Living Individuals.  The Souls await every word you speak.  The Souls are alert to the content you speak, and the Souls are so close to The Father, that the Souls oftentimes communicate what They feel is needed on many issues, helping certain individuals to grow stronger morally, mentally, psychologically, and of course, spiritually.

Through This Gift that bears the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph Who at one time walked the earth as The Foster Father of The Son of God, this alone should awaken the mentalities to the reality of the closeness human life has with The Divine, and that each human life has a Goal for the Soul that is a Portion of The Creator.

There is nothing complicated in this reasonability, in this factual manner of Association that every human life has the privilege of, awakening in the morning or whenever it is, according to the time you are responsible for; thus, this time allowing you to thank The Heavenly Ones for the privilege you are capable of not just practicing in your daily way, but being example, and encouraging others to think more indepthly that human life is not just like a robot.  There are so many factors in it that awaken the mentalities to more fully understand that there has to be a Goal of Greatness in Divine Plan, because of all that a human life should stand for, be example of, and teach others by, how they, too, can please The Creator of All Things, morally, mentally, psychologically, physically.

As I close These Words on this day, I do it with a Great Happiness, because through the written Words, more individual men, women and children can learn not just through Story form that is spoken verbally, but the written Word that is in print for a very long time.

Please remember, human life is Special, because it is example for everyone it comes in contact with, under all circumstances.”

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