ON SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 AT 11:20 AM


“There are Many of Us present, and We are All always happy when We are requested or allowed to speak Words of importance through This Gift of The Father’s Love for human beings, helping them to more fully understand what a privilege it is, what a Gift of Divine Plan it is when a human being is created and The Father embraces it and instills in it a Portion of Himself, unseen but obviously present.  It is called ‘the Soul’.

We hold her tightly, in a physical manner of description, because Our Presence, though it cannot be seen by the human eye, bears a Responsibility, thus causing a weight unusual in manner and degree when We speak What The Father Wills human beings of all ages to learn about and to understand more about What they contain, What they are gifted with.  It is called ‘the Soul’.

The Soul is a Portion of The Creator, never seen by the human eye, but definitely felt through the conscience and the sensitivities of a human being, telling them when they are doing, acting purity over impurity, justice over injustice, right over wrong.  In the human manner of understanding, though it is oftentimes only connected to a moment of justice in their mentality, or injustice, but it is easily forgotten after a short while.

There are Several of Us present.  We hold the little one tightly, because Our Presence bears a weight called ‘Responsibility’.  Today there are millions of individual people who are acting in what they call ‘a normal human way’, but I assure you, the thought of what they are doing is understood by them as natural to them, thus ignoring whether it is a pure act or an impure action, a just action or an unjust action.  So much is based on human understanding, thus ignoring truth that should be the first for them to think before they act.

Sainthood for the Souls of human life is a Goal far greater than the human mind perceives It to be, because in the daily living of a human being, most things are spontaneous in how they are valued, rejected, understood or cared about.  I do not say that human life should not enjoy all it is capable of practicing.  My concern and the concern of All Here in the Heavens, is that the human mind sees morality over immorality, justice over injustice, remembering that the Soul of every human being is the recipient, and will be Judged by what The Father sees recorded in this Gift, the Soul, when the time comes for Him to make a Decision according to whether the Soul can be returned to Him immediately, or will have to spend time in restitution before It can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

As I close These Words with a deep Love for all who have been created, I must add:  The Father, in His Love for this Gift of human life, gave to human life a Portion of Himself, inconceivable to the human mind, but nonetheless factual, to be Judged at a given time.”

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