ON OCTOBER 4, 2003 AT 11:10 AM


“There are Many of Us present, due to the fact that there are many decisions to be accomplished regarding the importance of All that has thus far and is being delivered to help the Souls of millions of human beings.

This Gift, placed in one spot on the world, is to be spread throughout the world as quickly as possible.  There is too little effort in distributing All that is being spoken about, instructed, regarding the Importance of human life, the Goal for the Soul.  The Soul, being a Portion of The Creator, must never be left off, left out, ignored, regarding how close The Creator is within each human life created.

Very little is understood on the Importance of the Soul, only because the human nature, understanding, oftentimes resists speaking about something important, because to them it is only wording, not seeing what the word refers to.

As I speak today, there are thousands of Words that could describe the Importance of human life.  If it was not Important, it would not have the Gifts that give to it more than anything else created, as the custodian of the senses, the mentality, to be able to learn about so many Facets of Divine Love through the creation of so many things that give to human life advantages that nothing else living has the privilege of.  The mentality is far beyond what the human mentality realizes the intent to be, because the mentality has the ability to memorize and to perform many talents, and also the logic of innumerable facts, that to human life gives Blessings to be able to perform, to create, to teach, and to use human life for the betterment of so many things.

My list could be endless on this subject alone, the subject that human life has been Blessed, which gives to the mentality information, Blessing, to be able to accomplish what nothing else created can even attempt to see the value of.  So many things of great importance can be established and used, because in the mentality of human life, The Father has allowed it to see so much, so many changes, to aid, to accomplish, to inject, to supply more things to be understood in the value they were created to be.

No important information is humanly made.  It is basically a Gift of understanding, allowing it to spread into a greater degree of importance for its usability to be part of areas that, under ordinary circumstances, the human mind would not have perceived the necessity for, or understanding what could be accomplished, giving not just strength, but hope in many ways, many areas, many improvements, but different goals unthinkable to the human mind.

Only human life is Blessed with these advantages, because The Creator, in the Creation of the foundations of all things, knew that time would have to be used for so much to be learned, and it would take a long time; but, in the meantime, the Importance of human life was based on and is yet based on, the Importance of each human life, called ‘the Soul’.

We always smile when the greatness of a mentality is mentioned, because human life has a way of claiming all advancements, to be mentally gifted with the beauty of doing so much, but I smile when I say My next Words:  The Soul in each human being is the Portion of a human being that knows what degree of knowledge, of abilities, of assurance, that an individual is capable mentally, morally, psychologically, to reach for the betterment of the future ones who will come, be born, and be able to carry on psychologically, mentally.  That is why there have been so many generations of human life created.

Now I add:  You live in a time wherein The Creator, Who I Am, expects the Souls of those who are present in this time of life, to see that though much has been accomplished and more to come, the Soul, as a Portion of The Creator, will return to The Creator at the time He Wills it to be.

I could speak so long.  This is only My Introduction at this time, because it is important that those living be reminded they are not alone; their Soul never leaves their body until The Father Decrees the time.”

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