ON OCTOBER 17, 2003 AT 1:12 PM


“I am Saint Anna Maria Goretti.

The Father has given to the world a Blessing beyond what the human mind can understand It to be, because It is so natural to understand and so lovingly delivered by Whomever Here is requested to deliver It.

Human nature talks of the importance of love, how natural it is, how comforting it is, and how it gives to life strength, understanding, assurance, that nothing else has this combination of.

Today as I speak, there are thousands and thousands of children throughout the world who innately feel a sensitivity to Something they cannot see.  They are told it is their senses; it is how people think, but I say it is more than this, because the closeness of a Soul to a body of a human being is oftentimes the Giver of strength, stability, assurance, and also help where it is needed, when it is needed, and no one else present even suspects such an occurrence to be.

Many children are neglected, but not in the manner it is seen to be.  They are neglected in a way that cuts them off of caring, and of being able to partake in what would instruct them to be more understanding of the importance of social commitment to others, even others different in age than they are, because to be left out can be damaging to their sensitivity of how to associate with life in reality.

Today as I speak, there are so Many present Here with Me, because The Father is giving to the world a Gift that openly dictates and allows Others Here to dictate important subject matters, helping the mental, the physical, and even the social attributes to a more satisfactory way of life.

The world has been Blessed abundantly, because so many who think of a Miracle occurring, feel it only involves something unusual to their sight, giving them hope in a way they did not have it; but this is not always the way when a Miracle of This Dimension is entrusted to one voice and several others who will put into print, the closeness that human life has in all aspects of life with The Divine.

The Father is always present, The Heavenly Mother always present, and Many of The Saints listen for prayers to be spoken, requests to be made, when there is a necessity for help in some manner, some degree, some source.  Granted, all prayers are not answered exactly as they are willed to be, but they are always heard, and there is always an answer or help that does not register into the mentality of the one asking, but many times it is a greater Gift, in a different way than the one asking would suspect it to be.

As I close These Words, I say to all who will read Them:  Always remember, every day of your life, living as a human being, you are closely associated with The Divine in more ways than your mentality can help you to know in your logical thinking, because the human thinking has a way, through habit of course, listening to words and placing the meaning in how they think, or how they will it to be.”

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