ON OCTOBER 20, 2003 AT 12:55 PM


“I am Saint Rose of Lima.  I am Saint Catherine of Siena.  There are Many standing Here with Us at this time. The little one is concerned over how Many will speak.  We smile at this, because her earnestness, sincerity, and sense of justice is beyond what is understood.

The Father, in His Love for human life, has Blessed the world abundantly.  Without these Revelations that have passed through one voice for so many years, it would have left a big void in how close The Saints are to every living human being, and how sincere and caring They are for the Souls of those yet who live in the human way, but are not receiving proper instructions, guidance, or reasonability to so many important habits in human life; also, what a Blessing human life is to those who are born in this way, this Divine Love, because it has a Future, it has a Goal that nothing else has it in this Magnificent Way.

All living matter and things are not comparable to what the human way of life is all about.  First of all, the Gift of how it is born through another human being, human way, and carried until it is able to cope with the world to a degree necessary for it to grow physically, mentally, morally, understandingly, and realize that each and every word, thought and deed gives the Soul attention, so that one day the Soul can be returned to The Creator and hopefully be called ‘a Saint’.  Though it is difficult for the human mentality to perceive such a Great Gift of Divine Love, nonetheless, it is Fact.

I come on this day for many reasons:  One is that children are not being instructed on what a Gift of Divine Love human life is.  So many excuses boldly blunder the Truth, causing the Truth to be confused and not understood in its full measure, purpose; also, that the Soul is a Portion of The Creator, which makes That Portion of human life above and beyond the human flesh and all the organs of human life, due to the fact that the Soul, as a Portion of The Creator, is beyond what the human mentality can perceive It to be.

Children are not learning the respect due to their way of life.  There are so many excuses openly stated, thus when they are heard by the child or children, then there is a gap, an opening, that is never available to give help when it is needed.

I speak differently, but The Father has Decreed that to speak in all the degrees, ways, that have thus far been given over many, many, many years, needs a small change at times, to alert the mentalities to a more practical reasonability in how they see things, and how they should look at situations, conditions and habits that must change, due to the fact that they are constricting and restricting more understanding of what human life is capable of, and that is, returning to The Creator and be called ‘a Saint’.

As I close These Words, I do it with great hope that All that has been delivered through This Gift in which The Father designed It to enlighten, to encourage, to instill in millions of human beings of all backgrounds, that there is a Goal for the Soul that nothing else created is gifted with; that Soul, in returning to The Creator, is more than the human mentality perceives It to be.

I smile when I say My next Words.  As a human being and you love something very much and you lose it, how do you feel?”

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