ON OCTOBER 21, 2003 AT 12:58 PM


“I am Saint Anthony Mary Claret.  As I speak through this little one I smile, because I came to her attention so quickly and mentioned Who I was.

Proof of Divine Love is consistently and constantly delivered through This Gift that is greater than most individuals perceive It to be.  The Gift is The Father’s Love for human life, for do not forget, He created human life to His Image and Likeness.

Now, These last Words are Special.  The Father’s Ability to do so many things, conquer so many wrongs that are being practiced in many ways, The Father’s Love for human life, exemplified by having developed religious understanding in groups of large sizes intentionally, getting human beings to realize that to believe in Spiritual Gifts of Divine Love, are far greater in number, degrees, and basic foundations for the human mind to understand that This Gift is the Foundation for human lives to not just realize, but to follow What is constantly, consistently being instructed on the reality that human life has a Goal for a Portion of it, called ‘the Soul’.

My Words are spoken to help those who read Them, and those who must teach Them to individuals who do not have the advantages of learning about the Gifts of human life, and the Goal for human life that The Father created, to give strength, understanding, hope, and a belief that would give to individuals of all backgrounds, the knowledge to know that when the human part of life no longer has the abilities of the human way, there is a Goal for the Soul, and that is to return to The Creator and be ‘a Saint’.

I could speak hours endlessly on this Gift of Divine Love that to many is just hearsay, but to the logical mentalities that can associate with the sensitivity they have that in living the human life, it is natural to look for goals, progress, hope, a future, all these are the basic foundation for the mentality to understand that this continues on into a Different Degree, Manner, Source and Way when the human body no longer breathes air.

I have spoken differently, I know, but My Words are to reach many individuals who will be able to more fully understand the Beauty, the Love The Father shows, even to those who do not have a basic foundation of consistency in prayers, or in religion taught to them formally.

As I close My Words, I know They are differently in concept, because there are some individuals who read All that has thus far been delivered, but needed these specific explanations for them to take that one step into a deeper understanding that they either resisted, or could not mentally understand.”

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