ON OCTOBER 27, 2003 AT 12:39 PM


“I am Saint Anthony Mary Claret.  I oftentimes hear My Name, requesting for prayers to help another individual in either a moral situation or a physical situation, or a situation in which memory is the important issue.

Prayer is an important part of human life.  It is what We sometimes call a ‘silent communication’ between a living human being and The Divine.  More children should learn this expression, this understanding, because it would help them to know that any time of day or night, when they are alone or with someone else, they can pray, using the words they will to be heard through a ‘silence way’.

So many times, We see all ages of human life want something important to be accomplished.  They do all the physical things necessary, but the one thing that they oftentimes omit, and that is to ask aid through a communication, silent and yet always heard, and that is with The Divine.  Perhaps the answer will not be what they will it to be, but I assure you, if it is not exactly what it should be, the Blessing that the individual receives is far greater than they know.

Sadness comes easy to a lot of individuals.  I use the word ‘individual’, because most times a subject matter is not spoken out loud, but the prayer between the individual and the One to Whom they are speaking, is heard immediately, and recognized for its worth.

This may be difficult for some to understand, to comprehend, but it is fact; also, there are certain times during a day that if an individual would pray, privately of course, this communication would be remembered by Whomever they are praying to, and may be answered at a later date in a degree not requested, but to a fuller degree, helping the individual to become ‘a Saint’.

It is sad for Me to say what I am about to say.  The next lines might frighten some, and yet give others strength.  Unlike the human way of living, The Divine never forgets a prayer, a request, the importance of it, and the real necessity that is requested, but if the prayer is not answered in the degree, manner and way, it could be more reasonable and it will be found out at another time, in another way.

Children are not being instructed on how their memory, how their mind can speak to All Here in the Heavens.  Granted, it is not a two-way conversation, but the words are always heard in their full dimension.

I beseech all who read These Words to never forget, though a prayer may not be answered as it is requested to be, the prayer has been heard, and it will be treated according to some other facet of how an individual lives or is in need.

As I close My Words today, I do it with much Love for human life, because all that an individual has to live for is greater than any human thought, act or desire to have something personal, physical, that they can see, feel, hold.  No prayer is never not answered.  It is always answered because it is heard, and The Father is never out of reach, because the human mind, the human body is the custodian of a Portion of The Creator that nothing else has.

Now let Me speak a Word of logic:  There is One Creator and He has created All things.  This, though it is difficult for some to understand, the Existence is obvious in all things that live on the land, or the whole universe as it stands in place, so your prayers are heard, and perhaps will be answered at a better time or in another place.”

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