ON OCTOBER 30, 2003 AT 11:55 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Every second in human life has an importance in it, for it, due to the Fact that I am present in every human life.  There is not one moment that My Presence is not within who you are, what you are.  This Statement may be difficult for some to understand, but That Portion of Me, called ‘the Soul’, should be logical as My Presence to be.

This little one I use for so much to be delivered, understands Each Word I speak, and as I speak the Words it gives her a happiness knowing that it is a Gift of My Divine Love, constantly helping human beings of all ages to be aware that I am with them at all times.

My Presence is not evident to their sight, but the fact that I have announced, so many times, the Importance of the Soul instilled in human life at the moment of conception, verifies My Presence, and should be remembered in how an individual understands how close they are, how close I am to everything they do, they think, they say, they partake in.

I have allowed so much Instruction to be delivered in such a Personal Way through this little one I use, requesting she put so much in print, so what the Messages say are not just Word of mouth, but put into script to be read, helping It to be more fully understood as being from Me.

Human beings of all ages, all degrees of intellect, form their own personality and their own degree of intellect, thus giving to human life the fact, the reality and the purpose to be able for human beings not to be able to be called ‘clones’, a human description I dislike intensely.

I have given this time, through one small voice, so much for all ages of human life to fully understand the Importance of being an individual in how one thinks, acts, and uses what they are, according to how they respond to the Gifts of human mentality, and the ability to physically use many parts of their body to be able to follow what is necessary in different facets of human life.  Without these things, human beings would not be able to use the free will to be an individual regarding decisions, values, and the understanding of the responsibilities that they, as human beings, are responsible for.

I speak These Words to help some men, women and children to rationalize the beauty of the free will and a fuller understanding of the responsibilities of this free will that nothing else is the custodian of.

My Existence as The Creator of All Things is not a hidden Fact.  It is open to the mentalities of all human beings.  This alone should help all degrees of understanding human life as a Gift of My Divine Love, in that it does give the mentalities a freedom to choose.  I did not create human beings to be prisoners in how they live.  I created human beings to be free, to be able to make choices, and more fully understand that each human being is created by Me and I have placed in each human being a Soul, a Portion of Me, but I also give them the opportunities to be able to choose what they understand is valuable to My Purpose for instilling in human life a Soul, for the Future Life of the Soul for All Eternity.

As I close These Words at this time, I have given to the world a Gift of My Divine Love, but also of My Divine Purpose for human life:  to share with Me the birth and each step of the way, to give them the strength to earn the privilege of returning to Me, and My calling them ‘a Saint’.

I could speak hours and hours, because My Love for human life is endless in how I feel so close to it.  It is so much a Part of Me.  That is why I have given to the world at this time, Words, put into script so They can be remembered as My having had spoken openly the Importance of this Creation of Mine, and that in My Love for it, it is to return to Me, at a given time, That Portion within it, a Portion of Me.”

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