ON NOVEMBER 7, 2003 AT 12:05 PM


“There are Several of Us present, too Many to mention.  The list would be that long.  We All speak The Father’s Will for the Souls of millions of human beings.  Every human being born to the world is more Important than it is perceived to be.

In the early days of Christianity, many things released regarding Its Importance was new to those who lived at that time.  Many could handle it mentally, and many wanted things to be shown to them as being factual.

At this time, many hundreds of years later, All that is being delivered verbally has a purpose, allowing What The Father Wills to be necessary for the Souls of human beings, is Divine Love for human life, more than It is seen to be by human beings of all ages.

When The Commandments were requested to be put into script by ‘the first one’ who received Them, it was an important stage of helping the mentalities of those yet to come, helping them to more fully understand that The Creator of All Things had given to the world of human life, the way of human life, His Will and His Plans in a Personal degree, manner, way, so that all ages could understand that within them they had a Portion of The Creator, and they should use this Portion to return It to Him in Purity, and in purities of how they lived in the way of man.

There is always so much for human lives to learn about, and to understand more indepthly, that human life has within it a Portion of The Creator that nothing else has, and It must be respected and remembered that It is That Portion that The Father Wills to be returned to Him, and be called ‘a Saint’.

I could go on for hours, not repeating one Word, but continuously instructing, teaching, and making human beings aware of the Importance of human life, because there are so many who are born to this way who ignore that it has a Special Goal, that nothing else created is the custodian of.

I have given to the world one voice that I desire to be heard; also, I have requested that All that I speak, and All that I request Those Here with Me to deliver, not just encouragement but Facts, beneficial to the time when they are to face Me, perhaps not in the living state, but to return to Me That Portion of Me, their Soul.

Many who read These Words may find Them difficult, but time will help them, I’m sure.”

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