ON NOVEMBER 8, 2003 AT 10:48 AM


“There are Many of Us present so We will not deliver all the Names.  As Each One of Us speaks, it is the Will of The Father that allows this to be, and directs Us in What to say, because the Souls of every human being are Important to Him in a special way.  The human sight cannot see Us, nor can they hear Us, but We are ever present wherever The Father directs Us to be.

Human life is Important, but rarely seen for the indepthness this Importance is, or it means.  The flesh of a human body and all that it takes for a human being to live:  the heart, the lungs, and other portions of human life’s body are important, because they were designed to give to human life the means to be able to exist.

Today is a special day in many ways, because as each day is special, today, in The Father’s Love for human life, He wants more emphasis put on not just morality, but an individual’s Spiritual understanding in the mentality of all actions that a human being partakes in, that were designed at another time to give purpose in how the human body would be used, greater than a tree or a plant or a machine.

The human body has a Goal because it possesses a Soul.  That is the ‘only thing’ created like this.  The Goal for the human body is difficult for some to understand.  That is why it is so important that more be taught, instructed, regarding how the human body is different, because it has a Portion of The Creator within it, making it different regarding the fact that the human body and mentality have the responsibility to protect That Portion of The Father, the Soul.  Without This, the human body, mentality, would be likened to the animal life, to a tree, to a mechanical instrument designed by a human being.

All that has thus far been delivered previously, that has thus far been spoken, at this time should be unlimited in how many men, women and children are instructed on the Importance of being a human being.

As I close My Words, I close Them with great concern, because so little is truly understood by all degrees of mentalities.  Materialism, self-acclaim and personal gain supersede.  I do not say this should not be part of life, as a living thing, but I do say more should be understood on the Importance of human life because it was designed and created for a Goal:  to return to from Where It came, That Portion of human life called ‘the Soul’.”

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