ON NOVEMBER 22, 2003 AT 2:15 PM


“I have given to the world a Gift beyond what the human minds can perceive It to be.  I have spoken many times through This Gift of My Divine Love, for the benefit of the Souls that must be seen for the Purpose for which each human being is Blessed with, because each Soul is a Portion of Who I Am, is What will be returned to Me at a specific time.

This Statement is Important to Me.  Children are not being instructed on all there is in becoming a human being:  all the Gifts of senses, of understanding, more than anything else created is capable of having; plus, the Goal is Greater than the human mind knows a goal to be.  To Me, this Goal should be essential, beyond any desire for human entities of materialism, popularity, and/or mental greatness on subjects that are only temporary, because when the time comes and the Soul is that Only Part of human life that will return to Me, I desire It to be ‘a Saint’ immediately.

Sainthood is not understood in the Greatness It is, but I assure those who desire to become ‘Saints’, that the time that they are up for their Decision to be made, is a time greater than it can be perceivable to the human mind.

I designed and created human life for a Special Reward.  First of all, I gave to human life many abilities, deepening their understanding of more than anything else I created.  The human mentality can be termed ‘a bank of responsibility’, plus ‘a Gift’ that nothing else has the privilege of.

As I close My Words, I know for some They will be difficult to fully understand, but the Beauty of being a human being, the Gifts of human life and the Goal designed for it to be returned to Me, is far beyond what anything else I created is gifted.”

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