ON NOVEMBER 25, 2003 AT 1:52 PM


“I am Saint Rose of Lima.  It is indeed a privilege to be permitted to speak through This Gift of Divine Love.

So Many of Us Here in the Heavens talk much about This Gift, because The Heavenly Father, in His Love for all of human life, consistently and constantly expresses His Love for human life to All of Us Here.  This is always a delight to hear, because His Love for the Creation of human life, as a Gift of His Divine Plan, and in His Gift of Divine Plan, is always included in how He speaks to Us regarding how many who are yet in the world living the human way of life, are not being instructed on the Importance of human life.

So much materialism, humanism, are the focal points of every move, every thought, every action that seems to give hope in some form, but as I come to you today through The Father’s Will, I come to request that more be spoken in a more in-depth manner, degree, of describing that human life has a Goal, and the Goal is to one day return the Soul to The Creator, because the Soul is a Portion of The Creator.

To those who cannot understand this Statement, remind them that when they have something precious that they own that they do not want to give up for any reason, remind them that The Heavenly Father feels that way about their Souls.  Hopefully, it will help many to better understand, to more fully comprehend, that there is a Special Gift in human life designed by The Father, helping the mentality, the energies, and the goals, to have Something to reach for, Greater than what human life expresses to them in a humanistic role.

As I close These Words, I know I speak differently, but sometimes Words like I have just said will give strength to an individual, hope, more understanding regarding what a Gracious Gift, what a Wonderful Gift it was to be born a human being, because it does not all end when the body closes up, but when the Soul is left alone, the Soul has a Place to go, and that is to return to The Creator and hopefully be called ‘a Saint’, due to the fact that while this Soul was upon the earth, the one in whom It was placed acted not just normally, but acted in a manner, degree, way, that gave to the Soul many Blessings, due to the fact that the Soul was the recipient of all that happens while They are in the human body in another way.  So be it.”

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