ON NOVEMBER 26, 2003 AT 8:42 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

My Message today is to encourage all ages, all backgrounds, all degrees of intellect, to understand that in My Creation of human life, I made each human being have different talents, abilities, and the capabilities to make decisions concerning his or her own method of living the life I gave, because I felt the responsibility would give strength, more understanding and hope in being an individual on all issues of life, in all circumstances that would arise.

This to Me was a Blessing, because in each human being I instilled a Portion of Myself, That Portion thus allowing human beings to have the Gifts of understanding, of learning, and of practicing many facets of life that nothing else created has the ability to do, to have the freedom of; but also, as I Blessed human life with these Gifts, My Purpose was for them to have the Gift of choice, so that when they were confronted with what was pure or what was impure, what was just or what was unjust, what was logical or what was illogical, the freedom to be and have the ability of My Love for them to choose right over wrong, love over hate, truth over untruth, justice over injustice, was more than a Gift of My Divine Love.  It made all human life more like I Willed it to be, because the Goal for it was important for the Soul that is a Portion of Me within each human life created by Me.”

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