ON DECEMBER 1, 2003 AT 10:45 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

In My Creation of human life, I instilled in it a form of beginning to learn many things, and about many things that human life had not had the advantage to know, to understand up to this time.  I chose to instill into what is called ‘mankind’, more knowledge and more ability to grow in a greater, broader sense of judgment, of terminology, of growth.

Today, as I use one small voice, I smile each time I do this, because I have chosen a small funnel, a little voice, and yet one understandable to My Presence each time I choose to use her to help others grow in a greater degree, for a fuller purpose of living than they would have known.

Oftentimes My Presence is of such Great Importance that she fears she will fail Me.  I assure her she will not, but I smile because she says, ‘I fear my intellect is not great enough, wise enough.’ I tell her it is My Intellect that she will have to repeat, so do not worry.

I created human life for many reasons, some to share so much of Who I Am, What I Am.  In the Creation of all things, I became aware of what a Precious Gift a human life would have, to exist in All I was capable of doing, because of that One Precious Gift that human life would have, and that would be the Soul that would linger on and be with Me after the human part no longer existed visibly, physically.

Her tears come more often than others realize, because My Words, My Will, My Divine Love is Far Greater than the human mentality can fathom, even when they hear her speak My Words, and they have the privilege to read Them in print.

I have Blessed the world before, through a Son, a Part of Me.  The word ‘Son’ was of Great Importance, because it passed on to the future that each human being could share with Me, giving life to more human beings, thus using more Souls to one day be returned to Me, representing one individual that I created, thus using two individuals, allowing this Gift of life to be seen as a Treasure beyond what the human mentality could ever perceive It to be.

As I close My Words with this little one, she knows I want Them delivered far and wide, because there is nothing else in the world greater than My Love for human life.”

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