ON DECEMBER 4, 2003 AT 11:50 AM


“In My Creation of human life, I gave to human life a Purpose and a Goal Greater than anything else I created in the world, or on the world.

I also created the world at another time so I would have a place for human life and other things to live in a degree, manner and way for them to be able to serve Me in what I Willed to be accomplished for My Creation of human life and other living things that would accompany what I Will to be, and mainly in My Love of Souls that I instilled in every living human being I created, because My Will is to have the Soul be in My Company with Me in What I Am, Forever and ever and ever.

It is probably difficult for human minds of all mentalities to understand My Method of doing things.  I assure you, My Reasoning is more than Important.  It is based on My Love for All the Souls of all human life that one day will join Me in Heaven.

My Words are spoken with Deep Love and Sincerity, because My Will is for the good, never evil, and My Will is to always express it in a manner and way understandable to the human mentality.

I always bless those who request a Blessing, to aid them in helping them more fully understand I created human life for the Purpose to one day be able to be with Me Where I Am.”

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