ON DECEMBER 12, 2003 AT 12:50 PM


“There are Many of Us present.  We All smile when the little one questions the possibility We will use a word that she recognizes as not to be used by Us.  The word is ‘pagan’.

You live in a time where few individuals admit they are pagans.  There are many terminologies regarding this word, thus not allowing the word itself to be used because of the dislike of this word that used to be present in many circles of human meanings.

Today as I speak, it is important that when an individual speaks on any subject, they think awhile before they say something that could be derogative, negative, or despised by others.  A word is a very important thing in the lives of human beings, due to the fact that when the pronunciation and the spelling of certain words were so important, put into print so they could be recognized for their full meaning.

Today as I speak, the word ‘pagan’, in most areas of human life, would be dreadful for individuals to hear, because there would be an immediate reaction of what kind of person would be a pagan, thus refusing to believe in The Creator of All Things.

I know I speak differently, but you live in a time wherein so many individuals have the temptation or the desire to shock other people, so they use words to draw attention to themselves, whether the word be foul or something that would be not suitable for others to hear, that what the one speaking believed in was far from what they all felt was normal, natural, and pleasing to The Creator.

Speech is one of the most prominent, personal contacts that human beings have.  Speech can solve many problems.  It can also make friendships deeper in meaning, more interesting; also, speech, unto itself, instructs on so many facets of language that is necessary for human beings to use.  Speech is a Gift of The Father’s Love, because it is the connecting link of expression, of communication, and of learning about many things.

As I close These Words, it is important that I close Them with The Father’s Love for human life instilled into it, the ability to recognize what would be proper, pleasant, acceptable, and instill or reflect a communication worthwhile; so as you speak each day of your life, always remember:  what you say in words you know, that you feel are comfortable and a communication worthwhile, be aware that you do not use words to cause discomfort or a lack of assurance with those who hear the words you speak.

I know this is not the type of Message you expect Me to release, but of late, so many individuals are ignoring the meaning of what they are speaking, and the so-called title of ‘slang’, or abusive wording is prevalent, causing unhappiness, even injustice.  Always remember, too, the children could be listening.”

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