ON DECEMBER 13, 2003 AT 12:15 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  I am always present in every human life I create.  The Soul is a Portion of Me, and I have designed This to be in a way, manner and degree that would not be difficult for any human being I create to have within them This Personal Gift of My Divine Love, constantly.

Today as I speak, I speak firmly, because it is important that more human beings of all ages understand I am always within them, giving to them the strength to fulfill My Will.  I would not have left mankind alone, because the enemy of all there is, tries constantly to eradicate the individuals’ understanding regarding the Fact that in My Presence, with My Presence within them, it is not reasonable for them to act impurely.

To most, this Fact is not understood in its full degree.  That is why so many individuals sin in impurities, feeling that they are alone and that they have no one to aid them, to help them, when they know they are doing wrong.

No human being is created that I am not a Portion of, no matter what the circumstances regarding the conception is, was.  I remember that I have mentioned this before, but the human mentality oftentimes does not lean upon logic or factual reality that is present when circumstances occur that their acceptance or rejection is important to make.

No human life is without Me.  No human life do I ever turn away from.  Hopefully, These Words will give strength where it is needed and be remembered for Its worth.”

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