ON DECEMBER 15, 2003 AT 1:25 PM


“I am Saint Athanasius.  There are Many of Us present, because when The Father allows Us to use This Gift of His Divine Love, allowing Us to speak Words to aid, to comfort, to strengthen, and to instill through the printed Word, important Facts for human beings of all ages to more fully understand the True Existence of a Creator that has given to the world all the world is, and all the world has.

Human life was and is a creation far greater than it is thought to be, understood to be, because human life is the only living matter that holds within it a Personal Portion of The Creator.  This Gift of Divine Love had several reasons and is accountable for all an individual practices, indulges in, and is example of.

The logic of reality is instilled in human life.  The understanding of the value of truth is instilled in human life, and the ability to reasonably understand that there is a Goal to human life.

How this is instructed to all who live at this time, came from a long time ago, when The Son of The Creator walked the earth as a human being and used human life as Example, depicting What The Father, The Creator, gave to human life because of His Divine Love for this creation, that He instilled into it a Portion of Himself, called ‘the Soul’.

Without All This thus far being instructed, human life would be like all other living things, incapable of understanding the Importance of life, the reasonability of its direction in how it should act, think, and practice purity in every facet that it uses to live in the human way, for a degree of time that one day it will be Judged by, by The Divine.

As I speak These Words, I know that many who will read Them will say, ‘I never heard It delivered that way,’ but I assure you that their intellect, when they adjust to the reality in how The Creator would do things, they will find hope and more assurance; plus, they will strive to learn more to attain the Goal that is promised for their Soul, and that is to return to The Creator, a Saint.”

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