ON DECEMBER 16, 2003 AT 8:40 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

More and more will I see to it that This Gift of My Divine Love, will not only be mentioned that It exists, but eventually millions of human beings will understand that at this time I have announced Myself openly through one voice, for all ages, styles and backgrounds of human beings to recognize that I Exist in many ways, and I am alert to all things.

Some individuals, or most individuals do not capture the Fact that I would be in all places at all times.

Today as I speak, I speak differently, because it is important that no human being feels that when they call on Me I may not hear them because I am with others at that time.  No moment in the day am I not with all who think of Me, who request things of Me, and who feel I do not hear what they say to Me.

I have given to the world one voice, but it is evident through All I have allowed to be put into script, verifies My Awareness of all the needs, the help, the directions that exist from millions of humans created, and bear within them a Portion of Me, their Soul.

I will close this now, but I will speak on it later in a greater degree.”

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