ON DECEMBER 16, 2003 AT 12:55 PM


“I am Saint Catherine Laboure.  I have spoken often through This Gift of The Father’s Love for human life.  I have not always mentioned My Name.  My Words were put in a casual way, so the attention would not be drawn to Me, but to what would be spoken for the Facts, for the importance, and the necessity due to the Words that would be used to discuss in a natural way, on important subjects for individuals of all degrees of intellect, backgrounds, to understand the value of how they spoke, how they speak, what their intentions are in what they say, and what effect what they speak will have on others in an important way.

I could speak rapidly now.  I would if the child were alone with Me, but the little one The Father uses for All Messages that He Wills thousands and thousands and thousands of human beings to learn from, learn about, and to be able to understand that being a human being has responsibilities, but the responsibilities are for many areas of life, due to the fact that there are so many facets to human life, so many Gifts in human life, that can be used to give hope, strength, assurance, and the ability to seek The Father’s Love for not only themselves, but those close to them or those that they meet.

Though I speak differently at this time, My Words are to awaken the minds of all ages of human life, that there are important things that occur that The Father Wills to be practiced or cared for in ways to help the Souls that are eventually the victims of whatever a human being practices himself or herself in a way of life, thus putting the emphasis on kindness, sincerity, motivation, purity; or, that an issue or facts are sinful, and should be dismissed before it affects what is being spoken into an ugly, demonic appeal that pleases only the enemy of The Creator and mankind.

The world has been Blessed in one small area of it, through This Gift of Divine Love wherein so Many speak Words of enlightenment, of encouragement, that give to those who read the Words, help in how they should act, think, and participate with others of all ages.

As I close My Words now, I must add this:  I could speak hours on this subject, but it would be too much for those who read These Words, because there are so many things that should be understood, and there are other things that should be cast out of one’s life because they are evil, causing the Souls to be victimized by what the enemy of The Creator and human life would will it to be.

I will close now, but by now those who take These Words and those who have read so Many that have been put into script before now, know that there are thousands of more Words The Father Wills to give strength to the mentalities of those who better understand that being born the human way has a Goal Greater than they can imagine a goal to be; that is, to become ‘a Saint’.”

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