ON DECEMBER 18, 2003 AT 12:34 PM


“The sins of Adam and Eve, for many years, have been brought to the attention of millions of human beings, alerting and enlightening the minds to the wrong there is against the Souls of those who sin.  Whether or not the individual senses the act or actions as a sin, the very act is a sin, because the conscience of individuals releases this message to them in a degree, way, manner, that they know that what they are about to do would not be moral, justifiable, or accepted by The Creator of All Things.

Today you live in a time where sin is evident in many areas, in many ages, and in many variations.  So many individuals justify their actions are a natural act, not a sin, but the justification comes from the fact they feel that being a human being allows them the so-called ‘privilege of accepting’ what basically has a definite Rule for it, to it, because of the importance of it.  This ‘act’ was created as the privilege for human life to be created.

All that I have spoken here will cause some who read It to speak out against My Words, but nonetheless, My Words are Words of The Father’s Love.

Excuses abound in every facet of human life, in every background of human life, because there is little understanding that the human mentality was given for a special purpose, reasonability, to allow the human mind to see purity over impurity, justice over injustice, right over wrong, logic over some act being illogical.

What I have just spoken will affect certain individuals, because they do not see it in this order of thinking, but it is necessary for My Words to be open, because throughout the world there is an insurmountable amount of impure thoughts, words, deeds and actions that human beings are calling ‘human nature’, thus ignoring that human nature has the knowledge that in the Soul that they bear, the Soul will be Judged by The Creator, due to the fact that the Soul is the recipient of all pure acts an individual performs, and all impure acts the individual performs in a daily way of living.

I speak differently, but I speak with Words that speak truth, and hopefully encourage those who read the Words, to be mindful that the enemy of The Creator and of human life encourages impurities of the body, the mind, because it pleases him more, due to the fact that it is against what The Father Willed human life to be like.

Human life has a Goal for That Portion of it, the Soul.  Granted, one cannot see his or her Soul, but they are conscious that within them they have the ability to choose purity over impurity, whether it be in words, in actions, or in thoughts.

As I close These Words at this time, there is much more to be spoken regarding this subject at another time, but hopefully What has just been spoken will remind those who know what is pure over what is impure, just over unjust, to use these two main courses of life to live by, understanding, of course, that they have a Soul that one day will be Judged by The Creator, The Giver of human life, and The Giver of all living matter and things, and still does.”

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