ON DECEMBER 19, 2003 AT 11:55 AM


“In My Creation of human life, I instilled in it many Gifts.  The Gifts were to allow each human life to have the abilities to more fully understand what life was created for, and that it had a Goal for human beings of all ages to learn about, and to use their desire to reach the Goal that would be for their Soul, and the Soul would represent their human way of life.  This Gift may be difficult for some to understand, but It is a Gift of Great Love from The Divine.

You live in a time wherein human beings of all ages are mindful of the progress available to them on so many subjects, and so many abilities to learn more about what the world contains, regarding how they can use their faculties to utilize for more things to be accomplished than anything else created has.

I instruct so much in such few Words through one small voice, but What I instruct others to learn about, and to see the value of, is to give them a fuller understanding of the abilities of life in the human way, and that in My Love for human life, I wanted human life to have the Gift of knowledge based on human understanding, necessities, and progress in many areas wherein the mentality would be used, and the physical would be used to grow, giving advancement to what mankind would be capable of doing.  The mentality is a treasure not understood.  It is taken for granted.

Children should learn that they have a Portion of Me within them, and that this Gift is of and from My Divine Love to human life, thus allowing the human way of life to be able to exercise more progress physically, mentally, morally, than if I had not given it All I had, because through the Gifts of human life, it has Blessed human beings abundantly, wherein hope, a deeper understanding of more things, and the realization that all that a human being has within them is a great help for them to fully understand there is a Future to their Soul, there is a Goal for their Soul, and that is to return to Me, for Reasons I do not always speak about, but They are Greater than the human mentality knows.”

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