ON DECEMBER 19, 2003 AT 12:47 PM


“There are Three of Us present.  I am Saint Athanasius.  I smile when I say, ‘I am Saint Anastasia.’ And I am Saint Bonaventure.  As We draw attention for Our Words to be put into script, We bless those who will do it at this time when they are busy on important issues, facts.

The world has been Blessed abundantly by The Father’s Will, because in the Creation of human life, He instilled so many talents, abilities, understandings, based on ‘a conscience’, because in the conscience there would be an understanding of whether an act was proper or improper, right or wrong.

Human life is gifted in a multiple number of ways.  Rarely is this subject brought up openly, because so much is taken for granted, and so much accepted as ordinary to the way of human life.

One thing that is rarely spoken about, and that is the subject of an individual’s conscience on many issues.  The conscience is an important part of human life, because through the conscience the individual can justify truth over untruth, right over wrong, justice over injustice, and Faith in The Divine over a lack of understanding that The Divine Exists.

Children should be instructed regarding the Importance of being born a human being, and that it is a privilege that animals do not have.  The privilege is based on how they think, how they act; but also, their moralities, the foundation that their Future Life is accountable for and accountable to.

In This Gift wherein so many Words are spoken, put into a Format of enlightening those who read the Words, to think more indepthly on their daily way of life, what they do, and who they share these days with; also, what condition their morals are in.  Do their morals change when they are exposed to acts, or conditions, or situations that would be displeasing for The Creator to see them participate in?

So little is thought about in the daily way of living.  So much is taken for granted, and so much is acceptable that should be cast out, and also spoken in a manner and way that others will understand it is not pleasing to their relationship in the human way.

Children throughout the world in the growing stage, are not all Blessed with learning, with understanding what is morally right, sound, correct.  This subject seems to have faded away because of so much so-called ‘modernization’.

Today as I speak, I speak with much respect for human life, and much desire for human beings of all ages to realize, not just in their own mentality, but to be willing to speak to others at different times about what Goal they would like to reach when they are no longer a living human being.  This subject is rarely talked about, because so many do not want to discuss such a so-called ‘unpleasant’ conversation, but rationally, logically, it is a Fact.

There will be a time when the living part of life will no longer be active, but the Soul of every human being has to face one day, that time with The Creator, and it is a Beautiful Time, believe it or not, because it has reached a plateau of love, direction and understanding.  It is not to be feared, because there is nothing else created that has this Gift of Divine Love within it, and the Gift of Divine Love is a Treasure beyond what the human mentality understands It to be.

I do not mean to sound negative or unhappy.  Human life has a Beauty to it that nothing else created has, and those who learn much about what it is all about, must realize that to be created a human being has a Purpose and a Goal Greater than anything on earth can represent.

As I close These Words, I say one thing:  The Father, in His Love for those who serve Him to help others learn about Him, He blesses them abundantly.”

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