ON DECEMBER 23, 2003 AT 9:43 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  I am always present every moment of every day, even when I cannot be seen in the statuary form.

It is important that all ages of human life look to Me, pray to Me, speak to Me and remember Me, because in My Design of human life, I instilled Our Communication in more ways than it is perceived to be.  Do not forget, your Soul is My Communication with your mentality and your physical every moment of every day.  Your Soul is aware of all you do, you think, you say.

Though it is impossible for the human mentality to fully understand What I Am, Who I Am, it does not change Our Communication mentally, physically, emotionally, even when It is in a silent degree of understanding.

I have Blessed the world in many ways, always in some form, allowing human beings to know of My Existence, My Presence, and My Love for them, because I created them, instilling in them a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am.  It is called ‘the Soul’.

I hear so many individuals use the words that they are ‘soul mates’ with another human being.  This word has more meaning to it than they perceive it to be, but this word was basically copied for What I have given to human life about My Place with all human beings.

I have given to the world a small voice, and I have used this voice Myself, and Many Here with Me use this voice, with Words They want human lives of all ages to understand the closeness that human life has in the living form to The Creator Who made All things, and of course, to The Creator that knows All things.

I have allowed The Saints to be able to communicate, thus giving a more Personal Association with The Divine; also, helping them have the knowledge that there is a Goal to human life, and that is through My Love for them, based on the Soul they are the custodian of since the moment of their conception.

I have much more to speak on this, but it will be at another time.  I bless all who read My Words and ask for the strength to understand Them, because the Words give hope and more caring for their relationship with Me as they walk the human life, as they reach the Goal to be with Me for All Eternity.”

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