ON DECEMBER 27, 2003 AT 3:22 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

At this time in which you live, I have delivered and am still delivering, important issues and values that automatically give to human life logic to follow, and also to gain strength from, because in My Creation of human life, I instilled a manner and a way for the human mentality and the physical to be able to follow My Will, My Way, because of That Portion within each human body, that I am available at all times.

I could speak hours on this subject, because My Presence alone is a privilege for human life to better understand and to follow My Will, because of That Portion within human life that is a Portion of Me, the Soul.

I hear so many individuals use this statement that they are ‘soul mates’ with another individual, thus giving in the human way, a closeness above and beyond the ordinary communication or association that man has to man, woman has to woman, and this includes all ages of human life.

I have come at this time to enlighten the reasonability that human life is a Portion of Me.  This, of course, when it is spoken in human terms, it oftentimes omits either a certain word or a positive inflection that makes it correct in what is spoken.

As I speak, there are millions of men, women and children throughout the world who need to know What I have just said, because to the mentality it is not a possible situation, condition, That What I have just spoken.

My Creation of human life was to design it with many of the things I felt and feel at this time, that the Soul I have placed into each birth, or I should say, each conception of human life, is a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, thus giving to human life intellect, logic, sensitivities, and the understanding of morality over immorality, love over hate, justice over injustice, and purity in all areas of life over the impurities that are oftentimes abusive to the mental, the moral, abusing the Soul that is a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am, in all human beings created, from the time of their birth, or I should say conception, because I Am The Creator, above and beyond what the human mentality fully realizes, because human life has a Purpose, a Goal, and yes, a Soul.

As I close My Words, I close Them just on These Words, because I will speak more on What I Will all ages to know, at a later time.”

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