ON JANUARY 8, 2004 AT 12:55 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

When I gave to the world a Gift that mankind would call a ‘Mission Impossible’, human beings did not see a Gift as It was to be.  All they saw was the human side of the one through whom the Gift was to be revealed.

The world has been Blessed abundantly in a soft, gentle, loving way, enlightening the human mentalities through the written Words, regarding the Importance of being a human being, the responsibilities of it, but also, the Beauty in this Gift of Divine Love that no other living matter or thing is the custodian of.

At the time I introduced This Gift to the world, I saw many gather, wanting to know, to hear What I had to say.  Some believed instantly.  Others were afraid.  Then, there were those who knew that they had to walk away, not because of their conscience, but because hearing important Facts, Directions regarding their behavior, was more than they could handle in a living way.

When My Son hung upon the Cross, many cried, but many also did not question the validity of what had occurred, as long as it was Someone Else Who was The Victim of the words.

Today as I speak, I speak with Deep Love for human life, because with all the so-called ‘assets’ I instilled in this Creation of Mine, I also instilled a ‘conscience’ that should never be ignored, because the conscience is a reminder of what was said, what was done, what was accepted, and also, were the results important for one’s way of life, or for the Souls of the individuals involved.

As I close My Words at this time, those who take Them know I will return, because through the way of putting Words into print, it lessens the excuses for remembering What I Will them to know, to practice, to understand, and to follow according to Divine Plan and not just the human manner of thinking things, or responding to temptations that are basically sins against their Soul that one day they will have to make amends for, in another way.

So, as I close These Words at this time, I beseech those who take Them and those who will read Them, to remember:  I have given to the world a Miracle, putting so much in print, so human beings of all ages would not have to use their memory, but would have the Words in print to remind them constantly, consistently, that human life has a Goal for That Portion of it that is a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am, called ‘the Soul’.”

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