ON JANUARY 9, 2004 AT 1:33 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici. The little one I use to speak the Words The Father Wills to be delivered to help all ages of human life to remember that the Creation of human life was a Gift of Divine Love, higher than any other thing created, because within human life The Creator put a Portion of Himself.  It is called ‘the Soul’.

There is a common statement at this time that when individuals want to tell others how close they are in a relationship, they say, ‘We are soul mates,’ thus giving credence to the Importance of having a Companion in life that one day lived the human life and is now a Saint.

So much can be instructed regarding what a volatile situation human beings are living in the midst of at this time.  Impurities of the mind, the body are multiple in number, thus outwardly showing that there is little belief or understanding that human beings are the custodian of a Portion of The Creator.

When We hear scandalous information regarding situations that should be avoided, not allowed into the lifestyle of others, All of Us Here in the Heavens use many ways to try to reach into the mentalities to resist what is wrong, dismiss what is wrong, and be accountable for what is pure morally, mentally, physically, and in all facets of human life.

Children are not being alerted, or spoken to on this subject.  There are so many excuses, ignoring it because too many adults feel embarrassed to discuss a subject of this means to those who are a lot younger than they are.  Another excuse is: ‘I learned the hard way.  They, too, will have to learn the hard way’; but, what they are missing in this statement is:  learning could encourage it, not dismiss it, or see what a threat it is to the Soul that hopefully is pure, because the Soul is That Portion of human life that will return to The Father and be with Him Forever and ever and ever.

There are no excuses for what is occurring that is in so many ways diabolical in concept, and in its very practice in how many individuals take the time, using what they feel will be an easier way to practice infidelity, and it will not be seen for how they know others will think about it, or see it in its reality.

There are Thousands of Saints Here in the Heavens, All willing to discuss and to instruct and to advise and to aid a prayer requesting help on what an individual should choose, knowing that impurity should be not just ignored, not just rejected, but cast aside in a manner and way that it cannot be even thought about.

I know I speak dramatically, but What I have spoken is of great importance to all ages of human life.

At this time, the year in which you live, and several years before this time, The Father gave to the world a Gift of Divine Love, consistently and constantly instructing.  He named This Miracle after The Beloved Saint Joseph, because Saint Joseph was the Epitome of Purity.  Do not forget, He was The Foster Father of The Son of God.”

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