ON JANUARY 10, 2004 AT 10:50 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  I speak often through This Gift of My Divine Love, even when I do not announce it is I Who is speaking.  It is I Who desire certain things to be accomplished.  It is I Who in every Act I perform, desire to attract more Souls to Me because of the Importance of the Souls that are Portions of Me, Who I Am.

If it were logical to the mentalities of millions of human beings, I would speak in an open manner, showing Myself and addressing What I Willed them to know, to follow, for the sake of their Souls.

A long time ago, I stopped My Physical from showing, due to the fact that it was difficult for some to understand that I could take on a human form and be amongst them.  Human reaction to this was not satisfactory in all I desired men, women and children to understand.  I found and I find that the written Word is more logical to read with their human mentality and to be able to spread more generously, My Spoken Words, My Love, in the Way I express It through What I say.

I have Blessed the world, because every human being I am a Portion of.  So many forget that in My Design of this Creation of Mine, I instilled and still instill a mentality, a love for life, and the ability to express openly how individuals perceive the Blessing of My Divine Love, aiding them to recognize My Will is for them to return to Me, That Portion of Me within them, so It will remain with Me, Pure in all areas that It will be expected to be used when the time comes to aid other Souls in My Direction, through My Directions, instilling Hope and My Divine Love for how I designed human life, and how I Will it to be returned to Me.

Human life can compare it to not wanting to lose something precious to them.  If and when this occurs, there is much sadness at the loss, even when it is something minute.

I will close My Words, because I could speak hours on end on how Important human life is, bearing a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, that I Desire to have returned to Me, representing who It was placed in, when that Soul returns to Me and I could see It as ‘a Saint’.

In Bible History, All Saints are not mentioned.  It would be impossible, because All Who return to Me are not remembered in the human way, and Many not fully understood as having walked to please Me, and to put Me above all human actions, ideas, ideals and ways.

Many who read These Words might find Them difficult to believe, but I assure you, human life was designed and instilled with many Gifts, based on Divine Love, Divine Hope.  Remember this.”

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