ON JANUARY 12, 2004 AT 2:35 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

As All that I deliver is for the benefit of millions of human beings, I always smile when the little one tries to read the Words that, at another time, she mentally received.

I have Blessed the world with a Gift far greater than the human mind can perceive It to be, because in My Desire to create what I have created, and all the things that each creation is responsible for, in many ways gives to Me a Love greater than the human mind can perceive It to be.

I hear some individuals speak and say, ‘With all the problems throughout the world, one would think that no more individual human beings would need to be created to partake in such little happiness, so little understanding.’ When this thought comes, it is a sadness to Me, because My Creation of human life has many Purposes, due to the fact that I place within each human life a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am.

This, to Me, is a Gift that should be easily understood by an individual, because the happiness companionship gives to an individual, an individual should be able to understand how much happiness the Souls give to Me.  Without a Soul, what would I have, because the human life was created with certain responsibilities.  Part of these responsibilities were to give to human life a Goal.  The body could not have endured All that the Soul is, so that is why it is so important that it is through the human body I place a Portion of What I Am, Who I Am, and It is called ‘the Soul’; thus, returning to Me a Portion of Me that will be able to live with Me Forever and ever and ever.

So much Love is in This Blessing of Mine at this time in which you live, because in explaining All the things that would not be possible for you to know, if it were not for This Gift through one small voice, but sharing This Information, This Love with you, in this human form, gives Me happiness and allows you to realize that you have within you, a Portion of Me, called ‘the Soul’.”

He said This was a Message of Love.

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