ON JANUARY 13, 2004 AT 12:37 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  I have spoken so many times on the Importance of human life and the reason for which I created it, thus giving within it a Portion of What I Am, bearing My Name when you cross yourself, to bless yourself in a formal manner, degree, way.  As you say, ‘In the Name of The Father,’ I hear you; when you touch the center of your body, and you say you call upon The Son, and deliberately then move your hands across from the left to the right, calling on The Holy Spirit, Who I Am.

For many to fully understand what a privilege ‘The Sign of The Cross’ is to man, is difficult many times, because they do not understand The Holy Trinity in the manner It was delivered thousands of years ago.

When the Words were first spoken, those who listened to Them felt the Greatness in Them, the purpose for Them, and the reasonability for this Sign to go on, always for human lives to carry on a Salute, a manner of service, and a degree of remembering that there are Three Entities of Living Matter within this Sign that should always be looked to, because of it covering Important Areas of The Divine.

I hold the little one tightly, the one in whom I speak, because I have entrusted to her how to walk to give aid, encouragement, hope, understanding, and Divine Love that is consistently available to all who will request It, call upon It for help, or say, ‘Thank You for what You have helped me to accomplish, because without Your Aid, it could not have been done.’

I close the Words, but only the Words, because I am constantly with you, every human being, because of My Love for this Creation of Mine in which I have a Portion of Myself.  It is called ‘the Soul’.

Remember My Words, and also, I beseech you to walk in dignity, honesty, and continuously saying words that call upon Myself, or Others Here with Me, thus letting Us know you believe in The True Existence of The Divinity.”

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