ON JANUARY 14, 2004 AT 11:53 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I have given to the world, the whole world, My Divine Love through one small voice, thus allowing this voice to verbally put into print, All I Willed all of mankind to more fully understand their closeness to What I Am, Who I Am.

Today as I speak, I speak through one voice, for if I spoke through one voice to thousands at a time, even the mechanical systems could not reach all I desire to reach, because of the Importance of What I have to say from The Divine.

I have chosen the written Word so It can be copied and recopied, for millions of individuals of all ages to understand My Presence is available at all times to them, and what they do, practice and say, I am fully aware of in every way.

Today as I speak, I speak expressing My Divine Love, and My Divine Way of Communication with all of human life.  The world has been Blessed, but more so, all of human life has been Blessed because of the Souls that are involved in all of human life.

What is difficult for some to understand is that I can put a Portion of Myself into thousands and thousands, even millions of human beings.  This would be difficult to describe, the Power, the Love, and My Manner of doing things, so I beseech all of human life to believe, to accept, and to realize, no human being is ever without Me or My Presence.

I will close, but before I do, I want These Words spoken to you:  In My Creation of human life, I instilled many things that I am Part of, to be able to help human life be able to serve Me, and to return to Me That Portion of human life that is that Living Portion of Me called ‘the Soul’.

Some may find it difficult to understand What I have just spoken, but I assure you, My Closeness to every living human being is Greater than the mentality can perceive It to be.

As you recognize a portion of your body as belonging to you, My Love is equal to this portion that is physical, but do not forget, My Divine Love is Greater than anything It can be compared to throughout the whole world.  So be it.”

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