ON JANUARY 14, 2004 AT 1:29 PM


“I am Ulysses S.  Grant.  I know it is unusual for One such as you know Me, to be given the privilege to speak the Words of The Holy Trinity.

I bring tears to the little one’s eyes.  She says to Me, ‘I know You by Name, no other way.’ This is true, for all My experiences in the human way were of human origin, human command, human purpose, but I was given the strength many, many times from The Holy Trinity.

As I understand it to be, I am the First One to speak representing My background and My life in the human form.  It is a Gift of Divine Love, because so Many Here in the Heavens have the privilege to express thanksgiving for having been born a human being.

Many who read These Words I dictate at this time, will shout at the little one who repeats Them, to have Them put into print for others to read.  They will shout: ‘He is not a Saint.  He was not proclaimed “a Saint”.’

All Here in the Heavens have not been proclaimed ‘Saints’ through the human nature, system, and control that is important to the way Saints are mentioned, spoken about, and recorded in the degree They speak, according to Their being called ‘a Saint’.

Today as I speak, it is with much Love for The Holy Trinity, and All Here in the Heavens Who walk the Path, the Way, the Love that Sainthood allows the Souls to do, and to be an Important Portion in helping those yet upon the earth to learn about the Soul.

The little one I speak through is so concerned that criticism will be brought out in the open, saying that she heard from One Who was not proclaimed ‘a Saint’.

The Father blesses all who believe His Way, but never forget, there are Many Saints Here in the Heavens Who have never been pronounced ‘Saints’ by those who have the privilege, the responsibility, and so-called ‘knowledge’ of Who will be called ‘Saint’.

I add one thing:  As you live in the human way, and the way you perform in your daily way, morally and instinctively caring about others who are alive and live each day in a proper manner, a proper way, taking care of the necessity of all duties and the personal necessity of caring for others living who need help, The Father is always there, and The Father has requested This be spoken today to awaken the minds to the Fact that as you live in a daily way of life, of living, of caring, of sharing, you have the background of one day being called ‘a Saint’, but that does not mean by those who are in control of this method of openly announcing the words.

I want you to remember, that to arrive at Sainthood is the Important Factor here, because there are Many Here Where I am Who have not been called ‘Saints’; no special description of Their way of life.  I beseech you, remember this.”

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