ON JANUARY 16, 2004 AT 11:55 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

In My Design of human life, I used My Understanding of the importance of many things that human life would live with, and that it would be a part of all the facets of human life, thus it being helpful to human life, due to the fact that My Intentions for human life were for each human being to have the ability of sound coming from them; their hearing, to be able to give them what others would say and do; and of course, their mentality, to understand all the reasonabilities of other features, facts, considerations that would help human life be gifted with regarding understanding; plus, a conscience for how they would feel, know, and be able to practice what would be advantageous to all the senses I would instill.  Without all these things, human life would not have the understanding of the Importance of human life.

I speak through this little one My Words for thousands, or even millions of human beings to more deeply understand, logically understand, the Gifts of human life are not man-made, but Divinely designed for human life to be different than other things created, and also, be more capable in understanding that human life was designed by Me with Gifts I knew would allow more communication, understanding, and realization that in this Act of My Divine Love, human life could more easily relate to a closeness with Me, more understanding that I created human life for a Purpose to return to Me, because of My Divine Love through this Act of Mine, giving to human life a Gift that would have Reason, Purpose, Achievement, and a Goal similar to when I created so much in the beginning, thus it being openly shown through what is called ‘The Holy Family’.

I will close My Wording at this time because of the Power I have used on this small body that speaks My Words, and has been given the Gift of being able to repeat What All The Saints Here reveal in such a Personal manner and degree.

As I close My Words I smile at her, because All that I have spoken, she has requested something from Me: ‘Please God, bless me so I will never make an error in This Gift of Your Divine Love for all living human beings.’ I will lift her slowly.  Her strength from My Power is greater than It is perceived to be.”

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