ON JANUARY 17, 2004 AT 11:23 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.  There are Several Saints present with Me, ready to join in What I have to speak about because, do not forget, They, too, walked the human way at another time, so They are familiar with all the areas of human life that those who are now in the living state are walking in:  the responsibility of self-care, many caring for others, but mainly, the caring must be based on That Portion within them that all human life is the custodian of, that is called ‘the Soul’.

Some individuals say, ‘I cannot see It.’ I agree with you, but I, your Father in the Heavens, know that you sense within you there is more to your way of living, because you feel the responsibilities have a purpose, and an incentive that no other living matter or thing is accompanied with.

The Creation of human life has a Goal for That Portion of it called ‘the Soul’, because in the Creation of human life, there was a Gift of Divine Love instilled, giving to human life more value, more reasonability, and a Goal.  This automatically registers in the mentality, but is ignored because of the mentality being based on what is acceptable in the mind, in the desires, in the willingness, and the innate practicing of all that an individual is confronted with that in human life are necessities, and the realization that there are many things that are interesting, and also helpful to one’s manner of living, financially, socially, and in line with manners and degrees of participation regarding one’s desires to be an active human being in the state of human living.

What I have spoken thus far is rational, logical and practical.  Today I speak differently, only specifying the basics, but I must add to this:  It is innate in human life to reach for goals.  The Soul that is within human life is the Most Important Part of human life, but is rarely thought of in the context that the Soul is a Portion of The Creator and is to be returned to The Creator, bearing the Title ‘Saint’.

All the human advances in a lifetime are natural in content, concept, but it is important for This Message to reach millions of human beings, that they have the privilege to one day return their Soul to The Creator, a Saint; a High Gift, a Beautiful Goal, because The Creator is The One Who placed the Soul within them.”

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