ON JANUARY 19, 2004 AT 1:05 PM


“There are Many of Us present.  We All smile at the little one when she recognizes Our Presence in a way not conceivable to the ordinary human way of life, but The Father shows her in His Way, Our Presence, because it alerts her to Something We might have to say to give strength, hope, more understanding, and yes, more belief in The Divine Way.

The formal manner of one blessing himself or herself is done with the hand; first on the forehead, then on the chest, and then across to each arm, continuing ‘The Sign of The Cross’, because the body, as it stands in a lengthy manner, adds to the Cross in many ways.

Right now, as These Words are spoken, there are millions of men, women and children who have no thought of what they are created for, and what they are created with.  There are so many important Facts that are not relayed, because individuals feel to talk on a Spiritual matter or possession, is many times difficult for all ages to understand, that standing as a human being — man, woman, boy, girl — the only thing that is recognized is the presence in a degree or stage of life that would be prone to practice what is feasible at that time of life; thus, most times, just not thinking of the importance of once in awhile recognizing that a prayer, a short one, would be communication with The Divine, with The One Who created them at another time.

Sad for Me to say, some individuals would make fun of someone else if they knew this was occurring.  They would call it ‘fanaticism’, or even say they are out of their mind, but I assure you, every human being’s Soul is continuously present.  It is the Connecting Link of Divine Love for the benefit of the physical life that exists, because oftentimes the Soul instills a practical notion, idea, or way, that on the individual’s own, would not have thought of.  The Soul is this close to how an individual man, woman or child lives.  The consistent Presence is always available.

To some who will read These Words, it will not be understandable.  Hopefully, to some, they will not become emotional or dramatic or fanatical, the very knowledge that human life is created for a Goal Greater than anything else created, because human life bears a Portion of The Creator, called ‘the Soul’.

Needless to say, this is a difficult subject for even the most Scriptural individuals who read Scripture continuously, to fully understand the Beauty, the Love, and the Divine Hope that each human being is Blessed with from the moment of conception.

As I close These Words, I close Them with an open understanding that it is logical to understand What I have just spoken, because in the creation of human life, there is a Portion of The Creator which automatically confirms that The Creator is present.”

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