ON JANUARY 23, 2004 AT 12:41 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Though it is difficult for thousands of men, women and children to perceive at this time, to be able to believe at this time, that I would give to all of mankind Words, for them to more fully understand the Importance of human life to man.

In the design of what would be most comfortable for such a manner of living, I thought of many ways, because each child born would be the custodian of perhaps another way to bring others into the world, another time.  The creation of human life is a Gift of Divine Love, above and beyond what the human mentality fully perceives it to be.

Children should know that their being born a human being, that they were born with the abilities to do many things throughout their way of life that would give them happiness, joy, and a Goal to reach, would strengthen their morality, their mentality, their understanding, and the Importance of being a Living Gift of Divine Love, according to The Father’s Will and Way, Purpose and Goal, because within each human life there is a Portion of The Creator, called ‘a Soul’.

The Soul is the Living Part, never seen, never heard, but obviously present in the logic and knowledge that human beings are born with, the innate encouragement of love over hate, truth over untruth.

I would like now to speak on communication, verbally, mentally, that I have with all creations of human life, even when the one born is deficient in some manner of hearing, or speaking, or seeing.

Human life has a Greater Purpose than it is recognized to have, because human life, as a Gift of My Divine Love, should always remember this:  that as I am within them, in the Form of a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am, called ‘the Soul’, this proves to human life they are not like all other things created that are of a different background, nature, and reasonability.

I know I speak differently today, but it is to hopefully draw more understanding regarding that as each day one lives the human way, it is a closer time to returning to Me in a Manner, Degree and Way that is far beyond what the human mind can perceive It to be.

The Soul, as It lives in the human form of an individual, is in constant communication with Me, and the Soul is the recipient of all the mind and the body, and all that a human being is capable of doing, registers in the Soul.

That is why I directed The Commandments to be put into script, so that certain Rules would be advisable, necessary, not allowing the enemy to act, and to cause unhappiness to That Portion that is a Portion of Me, of Who I Am, What I Am, for All Eternity.

I have spoken differently at this time and many other times, because the Gift of human life is endless, boundless, in so many ways, situations, and degrees of understanding.

As I close My Words, I want you to remember:  Though My Words cease as They are spoken in an open manner for Them to be put into script, you are never without Me within you, always urging you on to become ‘a Saint’.”

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