ON JANUARY 24, 2004 AT 11:14 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

You live in a time wherein so much physical progress has been allowed to be practiced by many individuals of all ages of human life, but I add to this, along with this progress, I have given to the world of human life more understanding in a written form so it can be remembered:  in the Creation of human life, I Blessed it with many Gifts, many abilities, and a Goal to reach.

The Gift, of course, is not understood by all human beings, because of their indifference to the importance of purity of the mind for the benefit of the Soul they are gifted with at the moment of their conception.  In doing this, I place a Portion of Myself, thus helping to give to human life respect for human life, and understanding that the Soul is the recipient of all an individual thinks, speaks, or uses in the human way of life.

In My Creation of human life, I instilled the Soul, thus giving to human life a Goal, through That Portion of What I Am, Who I Am, because I want that Soul returned to Me, bearing the name of whom It was placed in the human way.

It is sad for Me to say My next Words, but millions of men, women and children created with a Portion of Me within them, try to not rationalize the Importance of this Gift, because they want the freedom they feel that human life offers, thus ignoring purity in how they live.

Sins abound throughout the world.  They are not just weaknesses of the flesh, but are permitted by the mental attitude.  The mentality has a strong reaction, not always moral, not always pleasing to Me.

Many who will read These Words will say, ‘I cannot imagine things to be this way.’ Their response is based on the lack of understanding that I have a Portion within them that nothing else created is gifted with.  I kept the ‘word’ in small letters so it could be remembered easily.  It is called ‘the Soul’.

As I close My Time today at this hour, the little one through whom I speak is constantly aware of My Presence, and My Will to repeat What I Will others to know, because My Words are to give understanding, strength, hope, thus encouraging all the actions in human life to be used, remembering that they have the Gift within them, a Portion of Me, that will give them strength beyond what they understand strength to be.

As I close My Words at this time, I want All I have delivered, for a long time, to be passed throughout the world, irregardless of what language other places speak.”

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