ON JANUARY 27, 2004 AT 12:03 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Though it brings a sadness to Me to have to speak regarding certain things in human life that are practiced momentarily and daily that are obviously impure or unjust, or even could be based on a lack of fake understanding, due to the fact that the individual wants to be counted, not dismissed, regarding the Importance of what the Soul is to mean to them, for many throughout the world it is impossible for them to consider that they have a Portion within them that is Divine.

I have given to the world one small voice, but based on many responsibilities, courage, and willing to speak Words that millions of others would not want to be heard saying, because My Words are Words that most individuals do not concentrate on, and use excuses abundantly, resisting What I Will them to know, practice, because in their thinking of being a human being, as being a human being, their intention, their logic, their instinct, their interest, would be human in all aspects of how they think, how they feel, how they adapt to all challenges, all commitments, all strengths, all vows.

Through This Gift I pass through one small voice, I have instructed thousands of individuals regarding the Importance of human life, what I expected them to understand regarding it, and a Goal I have waiting for them to return to Me, a Saint.

I hear some say: ‘I cannot see myself a Saint.  All I have read about were individuals who lived a manner of life different than I have ever been introduced to in a personal degree, or manner of encouragement, due to the fact that I live in a world wherein human beings do not stress that they will to be Saints, or do they feel as being a Saint.’

The world is obviously humanistic in every facet that human beings are faced with mechanically, physically, morally, mentally.

I could speak hours on end, on the Importance of human life and why it was created, in many ways Blessed by the innate understanding instilled that the mentality understood, without question, what morality is over immorality, justice over injustice, purity over impurity, and ‘Sainthood’ over what the enemy is all about.

I will close My Words at this time, because each time I speak, I do it in a period of a certain degree of Words, knowing that the amount I speak is possible to understand What I Will human beings to learn about, and to mentally use as the Guidelines for what will help them, and hopefully make them one day be called ‘a Saint’.”

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